Ulrich Drepper (udrepper) wrote,
Ulrich Drepper

IDN Support

glibc has IDN support for getaddrinfo and getnameinfo for quite some time. It has to be explicitly enabled in the calls, though. Now that I can actually test this I’ve enabled IDN support in the getent program which comes with glibc. This screenshot shows getent in action. Apparently the site doesn’t use an IDN CNAME yet.

The changes are minimal and pushed into the git archive. IDN is enabled by default, non-IDN names still continue to work. In case there is some sort of problem the --no-idn option can be used to disable IDN support.

It is quite easy for other programs to enable IDN as well. Whether it all should just work automatically is another question. There is the problem of look-alike characters in the Unicode range which might undermine the certificate system.

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May 7 2010, 09:42:38 UTC 11 years ago

Yeah, the look-alike problem bothers me, too... is google.com the same as ɡooɡle.com? (Hint - in the second version, the g's are the symbol u+0261, a Latin Small Letter Script G)